Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Laser Cutter?

A laser cutter is a type of CNC (computer numerical control) machine. To use one, you create a design on a computer, and then the computer commands the laser head to move across the material to cut or etch your design.

Because the machine is controlled by a computer, and because the laser moves through the material without putting any sideways stresses on the piece, you can create incredibly intricate designs — even more so than with a router or saw.

What can you cut with a laser cutter?

My machine can easily cut or etch wood, leather, and acrylic. It can cut through about 1/4″ of material, though it depends on the exact material. I can also etch flat pieces of glass, but not curved pieces like bottles or glasses.

I have a Hobby Series 20×12 CO2 Laser Cutter from FullSpectrum Laser, so I can fit pieces up to 12 inches tall by 20 inches long, and about 1 inch deep. For larger projects, I can use the cutter at the Anchorage Makerspace, which can fit pieces up to 3’x’4’x1′, however that involves more time and expense.

Can you create a custom design for me? How does it work? How much does it cost?

Yes! You have three options:

  • Custom design: we’ll work together to create a design, and I’ll cut, assemble, and finish it. For example: topographic maps, custom artwork.
  • Existing design: you provide the design, or choose one from my Portfolio, and I’ll cut, assemble and finish it.
  • Personalize a piece you already have: you provide the item, and I cut or etch it with a logo or design of your choice. For example: cutting boards, leather items.

Cost varies based on size, material, and the complexity of the design. Please contact me and we can discuss your design and possible options.

What’s with the name?

I live in Alaska, and beavers are nature’s engineers!